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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2005 at 10:54am
Music: anna nallick
im actually in a really good mood right now, i was supposed to wake up early this morning a watch ian and hess golf, but it was a late night, and i wasnt waking up at 7, sorry guys

last night was a lot of fun though, ian hess sara and nelson came out and we basically did nothing, but it was fun, i pulled out my old golf clubs, ian had his with him, and we basically hit all the balls i had, and anything else we could find, then we tried to his a soccer ball with a bat...idk, it was a lot of fun, it was just carefree, then the boys left, and sara stayed to chat with me for a little while...good times

i came to a conclusion yesterday, i want to take a lot of pictures this summer, not of scenery...of people, i have a lot of pictures of friends, but they arent that great, mainly they're ian pictures of nothingness haha so as soon as i can get my hands on my camera, which is currently in NY, plan on having to pose a lot :) like i was the cute pictures of people with people and dorky faces and laughter...i want a lot of memories to keep with me when everyone goes their seperate directions

my parents get home monday i believe, and then we all head off to niagara on so excited, fourth of july will feel right again, last year, being in bg, just didnt cut it, i love NY

kayln needs to come home soon! i have so much that i want her opinion on...takling to her the other night was nice though, its good shes having such a great time

i have to talk to chuck in the next few days about not being a bagger...not being a bagger would be awesome, even though, i got 20 hrs this week, who's gonna be splurging when they get to NY? yeah, its me

anyway, gotta head off to the gym with hess, maybe ian too, idk, then grad parties and then nelsons for a bonfire...the home ;)
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