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kermie561 (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2005 at 1:18pm
Current mood: nostalgic
Music: Defying Gravity- Musical Wicked
hey you guys its time for an update. its been a very long time. since ive been writing in here. well im glad to see that my home girl is on her feet again. im a worrier. but shes well and thats all that really matters at this point. so yeah. last sunday was 6 months for me and my girl im so happy. she makes me so happy thats my jessi. *sigh*. conitinuing on... were doing pretty well i mean we have the occasional couple spat but thats manangeable. so yeah me and her are doin well. i had to deal with some stuff with police the otherday. people fighting and a little incident on the train. other thern that its been pretty cool. inot much ive been up too really. i went to the bank earlier. and goin to work at about three. so yeah enjoyin it all. its hard to believe this is my last summer here. i mean im a senior now so happy. you dont even know. so ready to get out of here. man it seems not so long ago i remember elementery school. its so cool to have memories. but we have a task ahead. to get out of our parents house and by dammit i will!!... lol anyways thats pretty much how ive been livin . short shriveled and to the left ok that was dumb. but my point is life goes on man were almost out of here. so yeah i need to start getting ready to go to work. make that money so i can have a ride out of here. later kids !!!!!!
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