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rebma231 (profile) wrote,
on 6-29-2005 at 12:03am
Music: Bang Bang-Nancy Sinatra [again]
Subject: New layout Bitches
New Layout for your liking, all handmade, which I regret becasue now my fingers hurt like hell. My back aches and I sweat a bit, due to my broken AC... so I sweat for this layout. So really I still Love Lock, Stock, and Two smoking Barrels but the Daily Show needed some love. It's not getting any!

The New's anchor to the left [my left] is Stephen colbert. Hands down the funniest one, and that eyebrow. He can't be beat. I hope it all matches up and is aligned on your computer [my screen size is 1024x768 yours might not be] And I just wanted to tell you these tihngs alright? So there you go, bask in the Daily Show's wonderful, hilarious, heart warming glory. Sorry for any Typos, they just need to be there becasue I'm so very lazy.
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