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blair (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2005 at 4:24pm
Current mood: excited
Subject: I've got sunshine..
I have a job interview tomorrow. It will be my first job interview, ever. (I always get offered jobs without needing all of the preliminary applications/interviews. But not this summer!)

It's at Circuit City. I'm not even a very big fan of Circuit City. But it'll do. I filled out my application around 10 AM today, and had a phone call at 3:30pm for an interview tomorrow at 1pm.

I was planning on taking the cats (Mordred/Gwen/Tinker and Gertrude) to Cats In Need, but am really unsure if I will. I'll play things by ear after the interview. I have a date tomorrow afternoon. And I'm excited about that.

I turned down a free trip to Alaska this summer because I knew I needed to find a job so I can pay bills (car insurance, gas, food, cell phone). My car also desperately needs an oil change. I'm five hundred miles over (how did that happen?!). I need to clean out my car and wash it on Saturday morning. Do laundry tonight.

I've had a tumultous summer, already. Dead foster kitties. Bad veterinarians. Etc. Got my website online, but don't even update the blog like I should - nor have I gotten my ass on getting the NAV links working. geeeze.

I'm only posting here because somebody oh so nicely suggested I should.

I'm absolutely thrilled that one of the guys I'm dating makes me laugh and smile a lot. It's super rare. (Okay, don't get too comfortable with that, 'cause it won't last and there's no strings!)

Hope everyone else is doing well. <33
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07-01-05 7:47pm

I guilted you into updating.

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