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callistomoon (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2005 at 8:21pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: Breaking Point ~ Show Me a Sign
Subject: boredom
Well . . .Avalon was fun again :) The only problem is the ticks -.- Grrrrrrrrrr. Saw Joe again! And I get to see him before Blood Moon . .so thats awesome. I cant wait! Blood Moon is going to own. Its gonna be SOOO orgasmic. ^.^

DRIVERS ED IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all I have to do is get down to the DMV and take the tests. . . .-.- If my mom ever gets the insurance thing. Oh well . .I'll get it eventually :-P

Well . .thats all. Hopefully tomorrow I'm gonna hang out with some Avalon people :-D Happiness. Well, thats really all. I'm gonna go talk to people and listen to music. Ciaoness!

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07-03-05 3:25pm

Excuse me, but I believe orgasmic was my word. =] You best respect my authoritah, bizotch. And you need to come see me soon. Or else I might have to kill you.

The Almighty Dana

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