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amazighstarrynights (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2005 at 6:20pm
I've been wanting to post these things for awhile.

Mandi: Tell me something about the romantic life you want to live with me.
Youssef: Amera, Romance isn't something you say, it's something you do. Wait and you will see.
M: But I want to hear about it now.
Y: You want me to tell you how I want to walk in the streets of Venice holding your hand? And that I want to buy you a rose and give it to you on my knees, and kiss your hand? You want to know that I want to stand in a lot of people and tell them as loud as I can "I LOVE AMERA!!!!" Is that what you want to know about?
M: Yes. Thank you it is.
Y: I want to do a lot more than that.....

Y: You know that when I see you, it's like a painkiller. I hurt all day when you're away and as soon as I see you again it goes away

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