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dmlxoxo (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2005 at 4:40pm
Current mood: horny
Music: Mikes guitar and Scary Movie 3.
Subject: This is Zacky G. posting in Dlit's woohu. BIATCH!
Zack on danielle:

Danielle is my girl for life. She really is the one person in my life i couldnt live without. Looking back on our friendship i really dont see where it first started.... It was like last summer something between us clicked. She was going through some tough shit and i guess i was just some one who understood what was going on with her life. The thing i found most attractive about her were her values. Unlike most girls at the time who were satisfied with hooking up with random guys she was more concerned with finding some one to loveand wouldnt settle for anything else. She really is a special girl. Her values and morals are so different than most ignorant shallow suburban girls. She is the deepest person i know. For some reason i am just so attracted to all these things that make her the person she is. I really am inlove with danielle, she is the one girl i love more than anyone else. I will go my entire life and never find some one as amazing as her. She is something deep and unique in a world full of shallow cookie cutter shaped individuals. Danielle, you will always be number one in my life.
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07-07-05 12:24am

awww :)
see you two in FIVE days! yay!

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07-07-05 3:37pm

most suburban girls aren't as shallow and ignorant as you think

that was really sweet though...danielle you are lucky to have someone who really appreciates you like that! i hope you're having fun darling.

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