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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2005 at 12:05am
Current mood: wow, did you know they had blah on this list?
Hmm, so it's been a looooooooooooooooooong ass time since I've updated, and I'm sorry to say that the best excuse I have for that would be that I'm just lazy.

Plenty has been happening. I had my 4th of July party, it was pretty good. There was much pizza and homemade ice-cream, some games, a bit of the Wizard of Oz, which my dad randomly flipped on (random note: did you know that when Dorothy and her group of misfits first set out to take the wicked witch's broom the scarecrow has a gun?), and of course some massive fireworks. Sadly though, as most of you likely already know only Tracey, Andrew, and Kyle were able to make it. Though I understand some/most of you have jobs and or illnesses(illnesses including a lack of a ride, though if anyone needed a ride to my house they could have just called) and could not make it, I have to say I was rather dissappointed with the turnout. Regardless though, much fun was had, and I will not dwell on the negatives.

I've noticed lately that work -heaven help me for what I am about to say- has actually become rather fun. I can't go to meijer without running into at least one of my friends there (from work or elsewhere), and I've noticed that something interesting is always happening there if you know where to look. Seriously, there is so much secret drama going on between the employees alone that sometimes I'm halfway tempted to carry around a bag of pop-corn and eavesdrop on everyone. Then add in all the weird funny things that everyone does (I think we have a secret undeclared competition going on as to who can feed b.s. to customers the best(and so far I'd say Aleisha wins for being able to convince even myself that she appeared to perfectly answer a customer's question about the lawn ornaments in the garden center) such as Will's random mop-kayaking( in which he walked around a random part of the store twirling a mop as though he was using it to paddle a kayak).

My house has been boring as usual, though at least I managed to get my computer totally cleaned of all that nasty spyware and all those horrid viruses, so I have that to entertain me (thank you eDEN). My aunt Pat recently arrived(Another interesting note: it took me until I was roughly fifteen before I realized the humor in the fact that my aunt Pat's full name is Pat Butt). I actually haven't seen her in at least 4 years, and I must say it's really quite amazing how old she now looks (in fact, she is beginning to eerily remind me of my grandma). She's nice though, and thankfully she hasn't freaked out about how my hair style and goatee leave me with a more than vague resembelence to satan (she's a pretty strick christian, as in the type that called pokemon satanic). On Friday she and my mom will set out on a road trip to northeastern Canada and New England. Personally I really have no idea why anyone would really want to go there, but then again I really am more of a city dweller than I usually think (granted I do still love nature in proper doses).

For some reason it seems like there's a lot of rough stuff happening right now (see also: drama). Maybe it's because since I got my computer back and resumed functioning on AIM I've had messages from people crying every night, maybe it's because recently someone told me about a rather bizarre twist someone they had once loved threw at them, or maybe it's the fact that the last time I checked woohu I found maybe 4 angsty/sad/short entries...

...In any case, whether I'm going totally delusional, or perfectly correct, I just I want to remind everyone to take deep breaths, chill out a bit, try to look at everything logically (WITHOUT letting those confusing emotions get in the way), and then do what you know you NEED to do or what you know you SHOULD do (erm, and pardon the annoying all-caps words, but if I could use some bloody italics here I would). Oh, and one minor side-note, I'm not telling everyone to ignore emotions totally and do everything with cold logic, I'm just trying to remind everyone that emotions can be horribly far from reasonable and can lead to do some rather foolish things.

Alright, that aside, life is good, though sadly only marginally so at the moment. I hope everyone is at least relatively well. Oh, and just a side-note, if anyone wants to hang out or do anything, just call me up sometime. I'm the only McDowell in the phonebook living on strawberry farms. If you haven't the energy to look me up then just call around, I'm sure someone knows my number, and if you haven't the energy for that, well, just bloody sleep or get some caffeine in your system or something...

aye, but in any case. Va con dios mis amigos buenos.
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07-07-05 10:50am

you can do italics, mate.
[i] [/i] with the < thingys of course.
and sorry about the crying. tis a rare thing from me

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Re:, 07-07-05 4:12pm

Yeah, KT actually informed me of that last night...

...and you don't have to apologize for the crying at all. No harm is done to me, it just leaves me worrying a bit.

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Re: Re:, 07-07-05 11:51pm

ask me about it later and I will explain, no thing to worry about.

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07-12-05 7:29pm

I would love to hang out with you sometime....after work perhaps?


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Re:, 07-12-05 8:12pm

Aye, that would be cool, just let me know if you want to hang out next time I see you...

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