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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2005 at 7:08pm
Current mood: restless
Music: Top 4 Pink Floyd Albums
Subject: Uh...
Okay I stayed up too late... I needa get more sleep... So nothings been happening... Heard Jessica's party was fun... Good for them... Glad that it could be fun even without me there...

On a second note... I might not have a party before I go to Key West because... Well I dont really want to... Though, if I have one I will let everyone know... I dont know if anyone reads this anymore besides Jessica and my parents, but if someone does read it... Let me know why I should still have parties...

Yeah okay whatever... I dunno... Summer is getting dull...

Mile count of today: 86 miles

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07-10-05 4:37am

My party was fun? WTF? I thought I had the most boring party ever.. thank goodness the people there thought otherwise. But yeah, there were some highlights... "EAT MORE DAMNIT! STOP WASTING MY MONEY!"

Hey, you should have parties because bluntly, your parties kick ass; from what I've heard ;P

Indulge yourself with your homework and you won't notice how dull summer is... eh, that might make summer duller, but oh well. Worth a shot.

Love you.. I MISS YOU =(

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07-11-05 1:12am

Well, I still read it. Do I count?

You should still have parties if you have a good time at them. It doesn't matter (as much) about much else. Parties are for having a good time, and if they're yours, you should enjoy them. If you don't...there's not much reason to really. You can always go to other people's parties.

I'm back from Italy now (I don't know if you still read my journal either but if you do you'll have seen that note that I was going) but the computer's screwy so I can't actually write in my journal. Only comments for me. Anyway, ...actually I'm not sure where I was going with that. Talk to you later. :)

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