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Shoe23 (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2005 at 10:10pm
Okay... so, last night!

It was just fun. I find the most fun in times where you can just sit around and talk to a few people you really enjoy being around and leave your worries for a while. If you're not a person like that then you wouldn't have enjoyed last night like I did.

I bought $60 worth of alcohol. 32 bottles. 4 people... and Jack bought two. I think Angie and I put down the most. I was pretty messed up. Four joints were passed and passed again. When I got in to go home my car wouldn't start. Had to send Kenny to get jumper cables so I could go home. My father called me at 2:45 and was pissed because I wasn't home. Apparently my mother believed I was in an accident because she heard sirens. I don't like when people worry about me.

...then there is Jack. He's really cute. I'd say he's a good 6 feet tall and ripped as hell. Not the type I'd normally think about dating because of my severe lack of self-confidence.. I need someone a little more not so perfect. He's called me twice today though. I should've had my camera. The first half of the night I was calling him "the hot guy".. Angie of course knew who that was in reference to. But yeah, awesome guy. He lives in Bolivar too! He picked me up for no reason and I about threw up. Then I fell when Kenny threw an ice cube at me and he helped me up. Before I left he gave me a hug. Like it!

Anyway.. next time I'm supposed to go to Springfield for the par-tay. Vaughan and Mike are supposed to throw me "one hell of a party" because I support their drinking every weekend. So... can't wait for that! Maybe Jack will come?!

I don't know whats wrong with me, I don't fall for guys I just have sex with them. I'd say it'd be a good thing if that were to change though. That'd be a really good thing. Not getting my hopes up though.
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07-11-05 8:05am

that may be a good thing! try it

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07-11-05 12:14pm

Dude, call me up when that party's in Springfield. I'll drag Jimmy along. I never have drank with them like I said I would. Guess I'd better.

It's a good thing I no longer have an aversion for rap, because I spent 8 hours in a car listening to it.

..does Jack read this journal?
(yay for J names!)

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Re:, 07-11-05 3:08pm

*scribbles out thing about Jack*
I'm a dumdum and read your last post wrong.

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