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phoenixnaito (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2005 at 11:55am
I've been sick for the last two weeks and counting. Fever, constant nausea, headaches, blah, blah, yeah.

Tony will be coming to visit this winter. Yay! No offense to his girlfriend...but I hope she doesn't come to. I mean, I like her, she's really nice, and I have nothing against her, but it would be a little weird having a girl follow me around...and she's attracted to me. I mean very attracted to me. She's bisexual.

Actually, you know what? That would be selfish of me not to let her come too. So, If she wants to, there's always a mind set for one more. Tony said we'll probably just hang out in the cemetery and he's going to monitor my living style for a while...he's going to try to get me healthy again. Although I'm only healthy in the winter months!

The heat of the summer makes me ill. I hate it!

Ah yes, can't forget us all wrapped up under a huge blanket in my room watching movies and spraying each other in the face with canned whipped cream. The simple pleasures.
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07-11-05 3:44pm

You get sick during the summer? I usually get sick around autumn/fall.

Well, I hope you get better soon. <3

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Re:, 07-11-05 3:45pm

Whoops, I mean autumn/winter.

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