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x0angeleyes (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2005 at 2:01pm
i'm kinda upset right now. my dad needs help with something + asked me to call kyle + see if he could stop here on his way home from work, + he can't because it's his mom's birthday. so i tell my dad he can't + he like starts flipping out because "no one ever helps him" man that pissed me off. first of all- kyle sat her all day on the 4th of july hooking up fireworks to this thing he made to set them off + my dad didn't even THANK him until my mom had to TELL him about it + so he did a few days later. i was highly annoyed. it's times like this when i hate my father. so now kyle won't be here for a while because he thinks my dad hates him. but he just has a complex of thinking the world owes him something + everyone should just drop what they are doing for him.

onto better things. my senior pictures will be taken on wednesday=) im sorta excited but i don't kno what to wear=/ and i got my eyebrows waxed (like i always do) + this time like it ripped my skin off, so now im praying it goes away by wednesday. i've tried to cover it up but it just gets worse, i think it's fading. ahh i'll cry if doesn't go away.=(

the pool is looking good again, i just came in for a little cus i wanna look through my makeup for wednesday. so i think i'll do that + then it's time for gh + then time to go back in the pool=)

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