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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2005 at 8:08pm
Current mood: blank
Music: [Green Day ... Holiday]
Subject: Today Has Sucked!
I'm watching Backstage Pass with Green Day. I ♥ them so much! They're great & hot! Uhuhuhuh!...slowly becoming one of my favorite bands, along with Lifehouse. I also love Papa Roachs' new song ((Scars)) I didn't useta like them but I do now. The lead singer is hawt. LoL. Haha...i'm becoming a punk. LmAo.

Today has Not going into why, but yeah. I called in this morning and I wasn't supposta work until tomorrow at 5, then Sonya ends up calling me at 5 this evening and was like can you come in this evening and work, because i'm here alone. But yeah, no one was home but me...and I couldn't get there. That's good because I didn't really wanna go but, GOSH! I still wish I had my license. Permit months go by wayyyy too slowly.
Hmm anyway, that's all I had to say. Just updating because i'm bored and a lil' angered or something. Well i'm not really angry, I dunno. Just blank and ticked. Who knows....? Nevermind. I'm

((edit:)) my evening got better around ehhh, 9....hehehe. tomorrow needs to get here faster!

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07-12-05 10:54pm

Hmm... I wonder what you're so anxious about? *laughs*


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