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twiztidclown (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2005 at 7:24pm
Current mood: high
Music: Daft Punk-Aerodynamic
whats up ppl , well I visted michigan this past weekend. That was a blast. My buddies and I were messed up all weekend ,lol good times....the times that you dont remember are the ones u look back on most.
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haha, 07-12-05 1:25am

You know why that is? You're looking back on them to try to figure out "what the hell did I do that night?"


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Re: haha, 07-18-05 10:03pm

I know dude. Do it almost everytime I come back, celebrateing seeing my closest friends lol. well it works as a good reason to party too lol.

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