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midnightdelight (profile) wrote,
on 7-12-2005 at 12:50am
okae, so i lied. but im shopping for one. yesterday i went shopping at guitar center. fell in ♥ with the schecter c4 diamond series in antique amber. its beautiful. my grandmothers paying for it. yay. i still need a new case tho contributions anyone? so, then i went to target and bought my first official emo cds. funny. fall out boy and straylight run. i dont really like the stray light run one. then, i went to workshop. mark was getting pretty frustrated. lots of new kids there. have 2 new bassists. the one thinks hes cool. the other looks like pedro. then, we were driving home and we passed 7 11. i saw JJ and robin walk in so i started yelling at my mom to pull over. she wouldnt let me get out of the car. so she slowed down and i ran. so i met up with them and we went to san sushi. we ordered 75$ of sushi so we ate sushi, then drove robin home, then went to JJ's and joe and rob left. JJ came back to my house to burn cds. s0o0...we did. and then he left at 9 45 ish.

Joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of "best friends"

at the moment. that reminds me of robin. oh lord. so robin is doing it again. he kept trying to kiss me in san sushi and i just tryed to nicely turn him down because i like him more than he likes me. *shrugs* and JJ said, "robin, you like allii dont u?" and he said he did. and JJ was like "allii, would you date robin?" and i didnt answer. cause he knows the answer.

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