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Iron-Cipher (profile) wrote,
on 7-12-2005 at 8:25pm
Why are people soo stupid to assume and conclude from what they hear on TV and read in the paper. I just love how blatenly obvious things seem to be to people when they see it on tv or read it, yet they completely forget that these trusty newspapers are owned and ran by people who have their political agenda's and rely on income from certain investors who are a little more loose when they recieve beneficial publicity. Oh and television don't get me started there. People get such rediculous ideas based on what is sold to us on the tube. The whole point of tv is to tell us what we want to hear, and make us think what they want us to think, and keep us from leaving our seats for as long as possible so that they can get paid, by companies of questionable ethical quality, for guarenteeing a certain amount of people will see their next wonder idea to take money out of our pockets, but if you ask me these defenitly can be considered realible sources of information to judge and concluded and possibly even condem people that we haven't even met for a few second in our entire infintesimaly wise lifes.
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07-13-05 12:51am

Nick you have no idea how right you are. And how much I agree with you.

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Re:, 07-15-05 12:25am

but you also have to think, how hard is it to find a truely unsided source, the only source you can trust is yourself seeing something first hand and even then you mind can change things to help it understand and lay blame. everything is made by someones agenda, even if that person doesnt mean it to.

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07-24-05 2:24pm

i agree with you completely.. i have my whole thoughts on that.. but i think you put it nicely enough... oh by the way. It was nice seeing you the other day. :)

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07-24-05 6:19pm

Goodness, you're coming around slowly!

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08-26-05 4:02am

Nick you know what. I...*looks around all shifty eyes and such* WoW.

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