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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2005 at 1:32am
Music: Kelly Clarkson- Hear Me
Subject: ...Oh Boy....
I’m so happy. I’ve been hanging out with everyone I missed like a lot lol.

Jordan came and picked me up on… Friday I think… and Friday we went and spent the night at Kevin’s. It was me, Kevin, Jordan, Joey, Lee, Rachael (sp) was there for awhile, Chris and I think that’s it, until we all just went to bed at like 4-5 in the morning lol. Then the next day me and Jordan left and went to great day to get some gosh dang food lol, then went back over to Kevin’s lol. Then went back the next day again to wake them up because it was 2:00 in the afternoon and they were sleeping. So pretty much to make a long story short I’ve been hanging out with Jordan, Joey, Kevin and Lee and here and there other people a lot the past 4 days lol. We all went to the beach today… Amy’s birthday party… but by the time we got there it wasn’t really a party anymore lol, so we all (me, Jordan, Kevin, Joey, Amy Mercer, Josh Gates, Amy’s cousin Danielle, Dan Krieter (sp), and Lee) all went over to Grand Haven cuz we were at Muskegon, but then we… left lol. And then got back at about exactly 12:00 lol.

I’m glad I’m hanging out with all my friends now again. I was kind of just sitting there at my house feeling sorry for myself for awhile lol, but hey its all good now. So yeah now me and Jordan are just… not tired at all so were up… like losers lol. So yeah that’s all I really got…

So yeah… bye lol.
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07-18-05 8:30am

Kelli I haven't talked to you in forever call me sometime and we'll hang out when I get home from NY which should be next Sunday.

Lylas, Ashley

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Re:, 07-19-05 1:29pm

I Want To Go To New York.... :(

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