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Shoe23 (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2005 at 10:50pm
Subject: Aww! I want one!
One of what? you might ask... well, that my friends is to be left untold. Someday.. someday.

Ahh.. the life and times with Tiff and Irv. The best time I could ever spend I would say. Without a doubt. Too bad the best things never last forever... but maybe they do, in other ways - unspoken ways.

Anyway, work-work-work.. that's what I do. I think about random things when I'm working.. some good..some not. Point is that I'm remaining random. That's just for all ya'll who enjoy my crap.

I really do think about a little of everything when I'm at work. Today I even had a brief thought of Christina Sutton. I saw a truck like her mother used to drive and off my head went. I'm sure thinking about Nina So led to another random thing and that to another. The process never ever ends.

As you can tell I'm in a good mood.. I'm sure it's 'cuz I'm here. Quite sure.

My head.. it's off in another direction before I finished that last sentence. I just couldn't wait for the period to come before I started going off on nothing.. what an insane person I am, eh?

Yeah.. anyway, enough of me for tonight. Now you can't say I never update anymore because I did. *thumbs up* Hoo-ray!! <--[yeah..its best we keep that excitement on the Down Low]

...and -Ellen & Evan- hope you two had fun doing whatever you found to do.. I miss you both.
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07-20-05 1:36am

We threw sugar packets at Jimmy's house.
Ms. I-can't-call-people-back.
Ah well, I suppose you would've rather been with her.

*nudge* I still need my boy.

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07-20-05 5:59pm

Remember, you don't have to 'put up' with anything. It doesn't matter what time it is if you have to leave!

See you tomorrow

-I hope you wait for one!

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