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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-25-2005 at 12:52am
Current mood: dorky
Music: [Taking Back Sunday ... You're So Last Summer]
Subject: How it be...?

Work today sucked. I seriously think I might have sun poisoning. I was sick all day, dizzy like. Awww, when I was workin, Corey brought me some Willy Wonka taffy cause he knows how much I loved the movie. LoL. Little things like that just make me melt. He and I talked about a lot of stuff tonight...he really opened up to me, and that's the first time he's done that. Ofcourse, I do know that someone can tell you, you can trust them, and as much as you want to do that, it's really hard. Before, i've trusted people too easily...I think this time i'm gonna try and do things differently. The only problem I really have with him is he doesn't inform me of things. Like i'll call him when he tells me to, he doesn't answer and I have no idea where he is, then like two hours later he shows up or calls and is like 'Oh, we went to Huntington to skate' or I'm like gee thanks for letting me know. I guess I just worry too much though, i've always been that way. I'm working on correcting that (although I doubt it'll ever Don't you all love how i'm so confident? Heh...anyway. I wanna go see Bad News Bears. I have no idea what it's about but people keep talkin bout how good it looks, so.
Yeah...I gotta call DQ in the morning and find out if I have to work tomorrow or not. I hope not, but...oh well if I do. At least i'd see Cor. Well I think i'm gonna go. I'm gonna try and post some pictures later. We'll see.

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07-25-05 12:08pm

I'm glad you and Corey are hitting it off. And you just need to tell him that he needs to let you know what he's doing. It's ok to worry about what he does, I always worry what Bradley does. It's not that I don't trust him [because I do], I just don't trust who he might see when he's off doing something. But I don't guess there's much you can do. Well if you do go to work have fun seeing your man! LY!


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