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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2005 at 1:49pm
Current mood: perfect
Music: Senses Fail
Subject: Such a perfect week
So Ill start at the beginning although the best is last.

Thursday Lisa, Lauren and I left for Old Forge. We got massively lost and Lisa got a ticket for going 80 in a 55. Be sure to make fun of her if you see her. We finally got there and just hung out.
Friday we went on a boat and "fished" which didnt work so well so we did more sunbathing then anything else. We went to Water Safari around 4ish and then went out and ate more greasy food then you could imagine.
Saturday was Water Safari day. That was fun but really crowded. Lauren finally got what was coming to her for making fun of me and the cricket. One landed on her. Then we had birthday cake and pizza.
Sunday we packed and went home after some ordeals.
The nights were the most fun I'd have to say. We fed dears like it was our job. "It motha fuckin apple pie." We played massive games of Phase 10. I jumped around like a pumpkin with boobs when her mom walked in on us. We walked through the McDonalds drive through at midnight for ice cream and ended up with free stuff. Im sure Im missing a lot but thats okay...we had a blast.

So then...we sleep at home sunday night and get up and leave for Buffalo on Monday.

Monday was crazy. Lisa, Lauren, Sarah and I drove to Buffalo. We got there fine, sat in the hotel for a bit and then decided to explore the city. We got sooooo lost. It took us three hours and a trip to Lisas Grandparents house to get back to the hotel. We were lost in the worst part of town and saw a huge really, HUGE fight. It was crazy/ scary. We got back, walked around the area and ate at TGI Fridays. We went to bed early because Warped Tour was the next day. of Warped tour. We got lost on the way there...suprise! We got there around 11:30. Just in time for Hawthorne Heights. Im not a big fan but they put on a good show. Lauren and I went to the front of the stage and Lisa and Sarah went to go see Academy Is. Lauren and I made it to the bericade/ bar. We held on for Saosin, Senses Fail and My Chemical Romance. They were all awesome shows and we were front row dead center the whole time. So we started talking to these Security Guards and they ended up giving us a backstage pass that all the other people had to work to get. This is when it went from awesome to amazing. So we test this pass out. Lauren and I go behind Bishop stage. We were surrounded by band members. We sat underneath The Starting Lines tent which was right next to Thrice. So we go up to Thrice and start talking to them. We asked if they could get us on stage and they said yes. While we waited we saw Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Academy Is, Mest, The Offspring and Senses Fail just walking around. So Lauren and I go up on stage with only 2 other people that werent included by the band and their roadies. We get to stay there for two songs. A huge storm hit so we all got shoved in this storage truck where we sat with so many bands equipment and Thrice was just walking back and forth. Crazy. So after that we met up with Lisa and Sarah and Jay, Allen, Toby, Eric, and Justin. We all went back to our hotel after getting lost once again. We washed up and went out to Chilis for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We went straight to bed and got up this morning and drove home. So awesome.

I have bruises everywhere. My boobs are bruised and they hurt but it was so worth it.

So much fun with everyone.

Now its time for work.

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07-27-05 5:43pm

extremly awsome, wished we could have stayed but that was definitly a great time

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Re:, 07-29-05 10:38am

Yeah it was awesome and Im glad you guys came with us for a while. Wish you could have stayed too. Remember, next week it the All Night Walk a thon.

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