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wonderelf (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2005 at 3:53pm
...haven't been on in forever. i've been caught up in myspace.

oh, yeah - and i've been in freaking europe half of computer access so boo-hoo :x i wouldn't have wasted my time online anyways!
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08-03-05 11:27am

i have a myspace too! i was forced by my peer to join. find me on it and add me! or wait...i have a url. "eliseownsyou"

whoa europe. thats fresh. i have relatives that live in holland. oh, oh! my bro met jason lee in paris and charlotte church in cardiff last summer. right on.

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Re:, 08-10-05 1:05am

Sweeet. ;)

Ooh, I'll go add you! My poor Woohu has been dead ever since I found Myspace...*sigh* :\

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