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seraphimrhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2005 at 7:09pm
Current mood: anxious
Subject: dedicated to band...what can I say?
This is called me REALLY not wanting to do work:

Bold the ones that apply to you....Out of 500 how much are you BANDO??

1.When you hear music and start marking time
2.When you can't stand to be out of step with
the person you're walking with

3.When you attempt to figure out the time
signature and (or) tempo of every song you listen to.

4.When you DO figure the time signature
5.When all your friends are in band
6.When you're a master at changing seats on a school bus without being seen
7.When you are seen changing seats on the bus and don't care
8.When you don't mind changing in the practice rooms--even though they have windows--(how about cramming 10 girls in a two-stall bathroom?)
9.When you point out key changes and dynamics while listening to music
10.When every guy/girl you're crushing on is in band
11.When you no longer mind (or when you like) wearing your uniform
12.When you spend more time with your section than you do with your family (all those practices...)
13.When you actually like the people in your section
14.When you ACCIDENTALLY start calling your director "dad" and you don't bother to stop and correct yourself (*shudders* SHOOT ME if I ever do this)
15. When being molested by band members is a normal way of life. (that's all my section does...)
16.When you start healing fast from injuries caused by practicing guard members
17. When "armed guard" means a woman with a flag instead of a guy with a gun
18. When band camp is FUN (only when we do rain dances and then cadence in the rain...)
19. When you miss riding the busses
20. When you've figured out every possible way to get comfortable/sleep on a bus
21.When you finally realize that the school busses are actually more comfortable than the charter buses (NEVER!)
23. When your instrument has a name
24. When you remember your instrument's name better than your own
25. When you can make brown shoes look white (or black look shiny...)
26. When you know how to make your uniform fit (heeeeeelp Ms. Beal!!)
27. When you can get comfortable in your uniform
28. When you'd rather NOT change out of your uniform after a game/performance (hahaha try and STOP us from getting out!)
30. When everyone else is mesmerized by the game, and you're wondering "when are we gonna play a cadence?" (ROCK!)
31. When you no longer find sight reading to be too big of a challenge
32. When your favorite thing to practice is sight reading (hahahahano)
33. When you can sight read while the people in your surroundings are making up their own notes (I wish)
34. When you can put on your uniform in 2 minutes or less
35. When you can put on your uniform in 2 minutes or less...on a school bus
36. When marching season ends and you start to miss hauling all that pit equipment--AND getting yelled at 'cause it always took too long to get everything out onto the field
37. When you could easily write a book entitled "1001 excuses for being
late to morning practice"

38. When you've become so good at being late you no longer need that book (oh those trips to the quickie mart..)
39. When it no longer hurts to be hit upside the head with a flag
40. When you count down the days 'till band camp
41. When you've learned just as much, or more, about manners and proper
conduct from you band director (LMAO oh please)

42. When you are constantly humming your show songs
43. When all you talk about is marching band
44. When you have a website dedicated to marching band
45. When you have more than 5 shirts with something related to band or your section on it (they give them to me…)
46. When you find yourself watching taped competitions on TV (MUVICO!)
47. When you're bored in class, so you mark time and go through the show in your head (so sad…but better than working)
48. When your only goal in life is to become a section leader, field captain, or drum major (drum captain..)
49. When someone says something that sounds like "atten-hut" or "attention", you become rigid and quiet, snapping to attention (*clap**clap**clap**clap*)
50. When you can easily rattle off 10 reasons why band kicks ass
51. When you talk to your band director online (does he eve know how to use the internet?)
52. When you know how to play all the instruments in your band (hehehehe I can so do that! in theory..)
53. When you're at the band room more than your house (we all live there! it's our first home!)
54. When you call the period of time in which you practice, perform, and compete "The Season" or "Marching Season" (what else would it be?)
55. When you write a list like this
56. When you critique other bands' performances at competitions
57. If you're reading this
58. If your best memories are all related to band
59. When you see a broken Popsicle stick and immediately think it's a reed
60. When your boyfriend/girlfriend is in the band
61. When you identify people by what instrument they play
62. When you refer to people as the instrument they play (who is it I do this about to..?)
63. When your ambition is to date your drum major (EunJoo! I want you! Teehee)
64. When you've actually dated your drum major
65. When you've dated everyone in the guard and you would do it again (guys in guard..)
66. When you're dating band people because no one else will date you
67. When your favorite fantasy includes stripping out of a band uniform (ummm the boys freeball….but that wouldn't be a good fantasy anyway..)
68. When you want to see Justin Timberlake in a band uniform
69. When you come back to the high school you graduated from to pick up hott band guys
70. When you pick up guys from other bands
71. When suddenly hot kinky band sex doesn't disturb you as much as it should/used to
72. When you play band music from years before
73. When you can actually tolerate listening to music from shows years past (Kyu's cd!)
74. When you listen to a college bands CD compulsively
75. When you memorize your music in 15 minutes or less
76. When you play in the pit orchestra of the school play just for the sake of playing music
77. When you've tried to pick up guys in your band uniform (what else is fun to do while we mingle?)
78. When you've worn your uniform to a wedding
79. When you've worn your uniform to a funeral
80. When you think YOURE the cool-looking one at the football game (hey! Those uniforms are seeexy!)
81. When you're only pictures of you show you in your band uniform.
82. When you've dated your instrument (I make mad sex to my drum every time I play it… o.0)
83. When you call the bandroom "home"
84. When you've snuck into your schools music room just to get stuff for your instrument
85. When you never have to ask for supplies
86. When people ask you for supplies
87. When you download MP3s of your show because you love the music so much
88. When you write Midis (or .MUS files) of your show music
89. When you can kick any football players ass (big black guys..)
90. When you think YOU have the best seats in the house (proximity to a marching band)
91. When you arrive more than two hours ahead of time for football games when you don't even have to
92. When you join your churches orchestra just to play music because you cant stand not having a musical activity for more than 30 days
93. When you don't remember your boy/girlfriend's birthday but remember everything from the opener of your freshman year
94. When every time you drive by somewhere, you remember a band competition.
95. When people ask about your social life and you respond: "Oh, you mean marching band?"
96. When you remember every fast food place around a competition
97. When people worry when they see you without your instrument
98. When making a line is your biggest accomplishment of the day
99. When you have a neck strap/harness tan line
100. When you don't try to hide the fact that you are in band
101. When you know not only your part, but also everyone else's too
102. When barry sax players actually start to make sense
103. When you can make this list longer
104. When you get the jokes on this list
105. When your instrument is worth more than your car
106. When you know "Louie, Louie" and have a personal grudge against him
107. When you can think of more than one reason to stop by the band room on your way to class
108. When you believe that the band sings better than the choir
109. When the band does sing better than the choir
110. When upon emptying your pockets you can find either a screwdriver, drum key, water bottle, valve oil, slide grease, cork grease, etc.
111. When you think parades are "F-U-N!"
112. When you can get anywhere in 12 steps or less
113. When you start to mark time to church hymns
114. When your only friends are in band
115. When you make up cadences in church that sound good in your head, but would sound like crap on paper
116. When you value your instrument more than your classic 70 chevelle
117. When you treat your instrument better than your little sister
118. When your family understands musical terminology
119. When every email you get is band related or from someone in band
120. When you've traded email addresses with everyone in band, twice
121. When your address book is made up of people from band
122. When you dream about doing basics and relish those early morning practices of marching back and forth
123. When you actually laugh at your conductor's jokes (-.-…)
124. When you write an email about being a band nerd and it gets so big AOL won't let you send it
125. When you carry valve oil and your instrument doesn't even have valves
126. When you complain because the music isn't difficult enough for you
127. When you listen to a soloist on a c.d. and complain because they are out of tune, don't have a good sound, or can't keep a steady tempo
128. When you can recognize key changes on the radio in the middle of a song
129. When you can do that with time changes also
130. When you begin to recognize when your band director is being sarcastic and when he's not (Crocco…sometimes I still can't tell)
131.When tone quality has meaning to you.
132. When you actually try to understand/do everything on this list so you can be a bigger band nerd.
133. When it becomes a competition in the band.
134.When some one asks you a question you have the urge to "yes mam" or "yes sir"
135. When band practice is called off you and your section go to Beef 'o bradys
136.When you know your top competitors in your area by name and grade.
137. Your still singing your first solo and ensemble piece from 6th grade.
138. When this list reaches you more than 3 times in one day.
139. The oboe player in your band can actually play in tune (Congrats Vinh!)
140. You have dreams about marching band
141. You stay in the stands at 3rd quarter just to be with your instrument (DRUM WARS! I am ALWAYS with my instrument!)
142. You have contest music on you cell phone ringer
143. You have a musical cover for your cell phone or school books.
144. After hearing the end of any song, you say "And one" in time with the music and then snap down your instrument--regardless of whether you have one or not
145. You fight over new plumes (mine's shinier!)
146. You buy bogus patches to put on your letter jacket
147. Your alphabet consists of ABCDEFG--nothing else really matters
148. You have trouble counting--every time you get past 8, you have to start over again
149. Your favorite sentences are Every Good Boy Does Fine and Good Boys Do Fine Always
150. You capitalize the name of your instrument
151. You talk to, sing to, or pet/stroke your instrument before performance (stroke….shush!)
152. Your instrument has a name
153. When you believe there should be college level classes entitled "Porter Philosophy--who needs Dr. Phil anyway?
154. When your band director tells you to put something under your pillow so you might memorize it, and you actually do
155. When you rank people on how dedicated to band they are--the higher on the list, the better you like them
156. You get really irritated when people march off step.
157. If you've ever made a floral arrangement for band director
158. You've had your name carved into a practice room wall by someone you've dated. (by the boys..)
159. You've claimed a practice room and get very angry if anyone else tries to play in it
160. You recognize people better by the backs of their head than you do by their face
161. You take a semi-strange word that band director says in practice, become obsessed with it, and say it all the time
162. You would never consider not sitting with band people at lunch
163. If you ever have commented on how nice band director'slegs are (*shudder*)
164. When you hear that someone in band has a new boyfriend/girlfriend, the first thing you ask if "What do they play"
165. You stay up till 1 in the morning just to see your halftime show
166. You aren't quite sure what to do with your time when you don't have practice
167. When someone asks you what time it is, you answer "its go time Mr. Lerner"
168. Every clock or watch you own is set 5 minutes fast
169. You want to kill the person that invented "Posture Perfect Chairs"
170. You know how fix your instrument with only a pencil
171. You firmly believe in the power of duct tape (duct tape is a miracle!)
172. The only thing you use highlighters for is to mark your music
173. When you can finish band director's jokes, or come up with the answer before he says it
174. When you know how to fix and take apart every instrument.
175. When you know exactly how much difference there is in time between you and band director's watch
176. When you can pull a piece of music off the shelf in the library faster than band director can (Lauren!)
177. When you ARE the drum major
178. -
179. When you know the people in First Note by name, and they know you, and what school your from
180. When you start conducting the songs on the radio (haha Anderson!)
181. When you actually do change in a stadium in front of 100s of people and don't care
182. When you know everybody else's music as well as your own
183. Could drive yourself to South Fork with your eye's closed we've been there so many times
184. When you baby sit the band director's kids
189. When you actually understand what it means when band director says that the most important thing is posture, air, and emboucher
190. When your band director adds on to this list.
191. When he understands this list as well as you do.
192. When you use your cleaning rod as a hair accessory.
193. When you can tell what a person plays by looking at them
194. When you try to guess what pit players are really double reed players
195. When you try to guess what the color guards of other bands are gunna do.
196. When you try to guess what the drum major(s) play
197. When you figure it out.
198. When your instrument has its own little place at your house.(my snare does)
199. When your parents know where that place is.
200. When you own a shirt with your instrument on it.
201. When you can finger your music on a pencil. (I drum with my pencil…)
202. When you're found doing it all the time in the middle of class. (drummer-itis)
203. When you carry a metronome/ tuner with you always.
204. When you subdivide all of your music even when you dont have to.
205. If you can estimate a tempo and always be right.
206. When 32nd notes are no longer scary.
207. When you laugh cause someone asks what they are or how to count them.
208. When you can correctly identify the difference in a marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and bells. (oh yeah!)
209. When you can identify their proper mallets.
210. When you know the difference in the pink, yellow, and blue marimba mallets other than their color.
211. When your friends get excited about this list.
212. When you write add-ons in the middle of classes.
213. When you can tell any tempo just by looking at your watch.
214. When you actually practice at home.
215. When you complain about people not turning off the practice room lights because they are wasting electricity.
216. When you think of your practice room as your very own room.
217. When youve decorated it.
218. When you have actually slept in it.
219. When it feels more like home than your house does.
220. When you assume people understand you because you're in band
221. When you can link skittles and tubas together.
222. When you're constantly rolling your feet. (best way to take pictures on the move = Vanessa)
223. When the highlight of your Friday night is playing your instrument in the heat at a football game instead of going to a party.
224. When your band director emphasizes to bring your music to the game and he forgets the playbook.
225. When you know your band directors favorite soda.
226. When you know what your band directors does on the weekend.
227. When you understand the threat of having a tuba or cymbals in a thunderstorm.
228. When you have 3 or more band classes.
229. When band is the highlight of your day
230. When band is your day.
231. When attention feels natural to you
232. When you stand in line for stuff at at-ease.
233. When your non band friends know just as many things to add as you
234. When you realize the only reason yall are friends is because they used to be in band
235. When you like one of your teachers cause he used to be in band.
236. When everyone else agrees.
237. When you vote on a president because you liked what instrument he used to play.
238. When you don't vote because they were never in band.
239. When you make that your protest against them
240. When you can determine the pitch of a car horn.
241. When you complain because the word band isn't big enough on your letterman jacket.
242. When you can't see your letterman jacket for all the band patches.
243. When the jam block dies.
244. When doctor beat dies (STONEMAN IN A BOX!)
245. When they die in the same week.
246. When they die in the same day.
247. When your band director's quotes actually get a page in the yearbook.
248. When your banddirector knows exactly who you are, what you play and what you want as soon as you walk in.
249. When you subdivide to the songs on the radio.
250. When you came back to school during the last period of the day just for band.
251. When you come back just for after school practice even though your excused from it
252. When people ask you to describe yourself and you start talking about your band accomplishments.
253. When everyone knows all your accomplishments for that reason.
254. When music literally begins to speak to you.
255. When you and your entire section begin to think oddly alike.
256. When your still reading this list.
257. When you know exactly how many people are in each section.
258. When you know their names.
259. When you secretly want to learn to play the sousaphone.
260. When you CAN keep time to the drum solo.(skills right there)
261. When all the clarinet players resemble each other.
262. When you actually care about having perfect attendance to practices.
263. When marching band is more fun than concert band (DUH)
264. When you have actually played so long your lips have given out and you have ended up spitting all over yourself.
265. When you actually warm up and down before playing.
266. When your section has sleepovers or parties.
267. When your sectionals are called sextionals
268. When the rest of the band wants to join your flute sextional.
269. When they actually don't mind.
270. When you find yourself referring to people as their band nicknames
271. When you have stayed in the band hall till 6 or 7 at night just to practice your part
272. When that doesn't seem weird to you.
273. When you're upset because you haven't gotten the opportunity to do that.
274. When you have pretended to be the timpani because you thought someone was breaking into the band hall.
275. When you know exactly what a hair off the line is.
276. When the sun is brightly shining and not a cloud in the sky but you still hope for rain to cancel band practice.
277. When you and your section leader do a dance to get it to rain. (Well…Nick did the rain dance, we played the war drums :D)
278. When it actually works. (That was the coolest thing ever!)
279. When you have almost memorized the drill team feature dance.
280. When you perfect the dance in your spare time.
281. When the entire drum line and trumpet section have the color guard show down better than the color guard.
282. When you miss the parade trying to figure out a reason not to go.
283. When you see five bass drums and think leapfrog.
284. When you have seen the bass drums play leapfrog. (o.0)
285. When you always have a pencil on standbye. (NEVER!)
286. When you can fix your hair with mallets in a matter of seconds without a mirror.
287. When it actually looks decent.
288. When you can reassemble the pit equipment in a matter of minutes.
289. When you can reassemble it faster than you can unassemble it. (unassembling faster means going in faster)
290. When you cry over the loss of Dr. Beat. (MUAHAHAHA We killed it! There is no remorse!)
291. When off the top of your head you can list at least 25 things that could be used perversely off or from instruments in the band.
292. When you know the origin of your instrument.
293. When you have learned your part and you've also leaned the 2nd and third parts. (each different bass part)
294. When you can tell the difference between English and French horns.
295. When you have never actually gotten them confused in conversation.
296. When you can tell Mr. Porters "I amused by Ricky" smile from his shut up one
297. If you have ever seen his "I am truly amused" smile.
298. When you understand that this list will never be completely finished.
299. When you realize that band is really just a big conspiracy that even band people are left out of.
300. When you're not left out of the conspiracy
301. When the color red turns you on.
302. When you type a page of these a day.
303. When Atlantic's band is better than Wellington.
304. When you want your own band nickname.
305. When the football team actually wins a game. (They're champs!)
306. Then when you realize you have no idea how the game of football works but only when the fight song needs to be played.
307. When you can conduct better than the drum majors.
308. When you, in your spare time, come up with new salutes for them.
309. When you know the name of Mrs. Crocco's cat.
310. When you're not really sure how you get there but when you're lost you always find yourself in the band hall.
311. When you have spent an entire Saturday in the band hall.
312. When you would do it again.
313. When you can identify yourself with your music stand.
314. When you know what all of your section is doing all weekend.
315. When it's because they are with you.
316. When your parents know everyone in your sections name.
317. When you know everyone in your sections marching #.
318. When you have actually gotten a splinter on your tongue from a reed.
319. When you have to get a job just to buy the reeds that you go through.
320. When you thought the show "The Young and the Restless" was a show about the battle between freshman and the rest of the band.
321. When you cried when you found out it wasn't.
322. When you still refuse to believe it.
323. When you know the pitch that every glass in your kitchen will make if you fill it half full.
324. You realize that no-one in the band really knows their music as well as they should but yet it doesn't bother them as much as it bothers you.
325. If you have actually referred to a director as a homie g-chicka-dude.
326. If they have heard you and didn't think twice about it.
327. When you actually wear your band shoes willingly to school.
328. When you practice in them so that you can get a better feel.
329. When a judge points you out on a tape.
330. When all you and your section can talk about is how Sarah dropped her flute Saturday.
331. When you know it won't be the last time.
332. When you can play your computer startup on your instrument.
333. When everyone in the band makes an effort to ignore a certain person... and we all know who I am talking about.
334. When you go off to college and miss your band family more than you family.
335. When you visit them more.
336. When the only reason you call your real family is because you have rang up such a high phone bill because your band family is split all over the country now.
337. When AT&T makes a special plan for your band.
338. If the band booster sandwiches actually start to taste better than most of your home cooking.
339. When you call the band booster food home cooking.
340. When you actually keep the band library more organized than your room.
341. When you have actually cleaned the locker room.
342. When Rock-Zilla has actually tried to consume you.
343. If you just barely escaped.
344. When you have written over 120 of these yourself.
345. If you have almost hyperventilated because you could not find your instrument.
346. When you have never lost your instrument.
347. When your teachers understand your importance to the band program.
348. When you have brought food for your section.
349. When your section has had a party for your birthday.
350. When can name any double sharp or flat off the top of your head.
351. When this list is more important than your homework.
352. When everyone in the band notices add-ons to your wardrobe.
353. When people give you dirty looks because your clothes are not band related.
354. When you can link any mathematical equation to a time signature.
355. When all your conversations are based around band.
356. When there is an awkward silence in your conversation because you are trying to avoid talking about band.
357. When it is just too weird and you give up.
358. When you have nothing to say to non band people for this reason.
359. When you have used a reed to pop a coke open.
360. When you know how many pitches are in your cell phone ring song.
361. When you're in the turning lane and try to figure out the tempo of the signal from the car in front of you.
362. When you actually concluded that it was 96 bpm.
363. When you can play your cell phone ring on your instrument.
364. When all of your teachers know you're in band
365. When you understand that the word dirty no longer has nothing to do with dirt.
366. When you could heat a house for a year with all of the sheet music you've collected.
367. If you live next to Mr. Lerner.
368. When you actually know what open your throat means.
369. When you know how to do it.
370. When the word red gives you bone-chilling visuals.
371. When you understand why Mr. Porter wears sunglasses while its raining.
372. When you then realize that you know nothing about why Mr. Porter does what he does.
373. When you plan a party and refuse to invite anyone outside of band, including your boyfriend or girlfriend (which most likely they are in band too).
374. When you try to keep non-band people out of pictures
375. When you would risk hurting your instrument just to hit the annoying person in band person over the head at times (ok any time!)
376. When you have had dreams about flying cymbals cutting of you arms or nose. (they weren't dreams…)
377. When your top form of entertainment while setting drill is balancing your flute.
378. When people actually say you have a skill in twirling your flute while setting drill.
379. When you forget how to spell the word cymbals.
380. When you do flips and try to hit your mark on the landing in a set.
381. When you mark time through the show in odd places and your in the PIT.
382. When you know the music better than the director.
383. When the director wrote it.
384. When you have had to catch his mistakes in it .
385. When you know exactly where each dent/scratch on your horn is from.
386. When you can actually find out 14 instruments can sound like one!
387. When Mr. Porter has finally given up on telling you to read the music!
388. When you feel as if the band directors are neglecting you for their pets/ kids.
389. When you give your pets instrument names.
390. When you know how many people can fit into a band locker (or cubbie holes..)
391. When you and your section go to the field on Saturday just to see who can march their spot better.
392. When you can accurately associate the laws of physics with marching practice.
393. When you learn more about symmetry in band than you do in geometry.
394. When you actually don't mind the smell of band funk after a game.
395. When your band folder can hide from you in plain sight and in the most obvious place, which you walk by more than 8 times a day.
396. You can actually relate to your music stand.
397. When you know that English horns came from France and French horns are English.
398. When you actually argue with the drill team because they feel as if they should not have to move out of your way in the show. (hahaha! Yes!)
399. When you begin to feel as if your instrument is neglecting you.
400. If you make plans after practice with your section to go get some pizza.
401. When yall actually do it.
402. When your parents tell you to clean your room and all that is wrong with it is that the music fell off your music stand and covered most of the floor.
403. When all the jewelry you have consists of solo and ensemble medals.
404. When you consider band shoes fashionable.
405. When you have worn your band shirt to a fancy party.
406. When you thought it looked good.
407. When you took a picture like that.
408. When you actually consider putting uniform buttons on your favorite shirt to make it feel more homey.
409. When you lounge around in your uniform.
410. When you buy your uniform after you graduate.
411. If you buy it and actually wear it after you graduate.
412. When you wonder why they don't make marshmallows in band instrument shapes.
413. When you write frequent letters asking them to.
414. If you have ever accidentally used your cork grease for chapstick.
415. If that's why you switched to lip gloss.
416. If you're in more than twelve band jokes.
417. When that's because you created them.
418. When you can find out where your next contest is by process of elimination.
419. If you have ever pictured Mr. Lerner trying to teach another class besides band.
420. If it gave you chills.
421. If you can tune every note on your horn without a tuner.
422. When you finally don't feel bad for getting your new black band shoes dirty.
423. When you realize the sun will come out on the days that there's no practice.
424. When you call your band director just for conversation.
425. When that doesn't shock or bother him.
426. When you challenge this list with 500 ways to use a reed.
427. When you can come up with 500 ways to use a reed.
428. If you have that high of hopes, only band people are that positive.
429. If you have ever had a panic attack at a football game. (when Brian didn't have his snare drum….wow)
430. If the band knows more about your medical history than the rest of your family.
431. When you make plans with the band for Christmas dinner.
432. When you actually sing along with bands that play on Monday night football.
433. When you can actually make yourself look two inches taller.
434. When what you're saying is actually helping.
435. When you can list 20 of Mr. Lerner's quotes off the top of your head.
436. If you've actually thought of Marching as a sport (it is!)
437. When you get separation anxiety on the busses because you aren't with the whole band.
438. When you feel left out because you can't go to an extra curricular band activity that isn't even required.
439. If you have ever seen how mad your directors can get if someone takes the keys to the band room.
440. When you and six other band friends go out to eat and you talk about nothing except for how great you did at the game.
441. You host the band parties.
442. You know who to and not to avoid in band.
443. The bus list is the most important thing to you and you will do anything to be on the bus with someone.
444. When you begin to know what Mr. Lerner knows about you.
445. When you can honestly admit that you have no idea and that scares you.
446. If you make tuning your horn sound perverted (ex. push in, or pull out)
447. When you can make something as simple as a cheese sandwich sound perverted.
448. When you actually stay in line and step with the band people that are walking in front of you.
449. When you confuse the words sax and sex in a sentence and don't mean to.
450. When it goes by un-noticed.
451. When you know the pitch of a pin dropping
452. When you are constantly playing cadences with a pencil. (oops….^^”)
453. When you start being able to think a tune and play it perfectly.
454. When your license plate, email, or homepage address is named after something band related.
455. When you use your reed to pick your teeth.
456. When you actually sanitize your reed after every contest/audition.
457. When you get excited about spending your Saturdays with the band.
458. When you would rather go to a football game then out on a date.
459. When you realize that the only reason the band is quiet when the others are performing is because they are looking for all their hot guys/chicks.
460. When your whole drum line can read music and not just rhythms. (it's sad that they can't..)
461. When you know what all those really big words written on your music mean.
462. When you depend on your band director more than your parents.
463. When you know to bring extra black socks with you at all times.
464. When after the game, when you go and hang out you've still got a piece of your instrument (neck strap, mouthpiece, etc.)
465. When you realize the trumpets and flutes rush more than percussion does.
466. When you realize that after two weeks of marching band your section leader isn't going to like you no matter how good you are.
467. When Plumes make good pets.
468. You actually answer to Hey Bando.
469. You actually think that the football field should belong to the band since besides they are better than the football team. (even when we aren't….)
470. Xylophones and ditches do NOT go well together.
471. You've made it this far and can still relate.
472. Sometimes you forget that your mouthpiece/ reed isnt attached to your mouth.
473. Spit isn't so disgusting anymore but a everyday part of life.
474. You know the names of all the little people that live in the tubas (or any brass instrument for that matter.) (Galen!)
475. If for Christmas you ask for something to do with music or band.
476. Mr. Lerner knows the name of your instrument and actually refers to it by that name.
477. When he also knows the name of the little man living inside it.
478. When you have spent enough time around the band that you can represent every section on here even though you don't play that instrument.
479. You paint your nails to coordinate the color of your mallets/ sticks.
480. When you leave your cell phone in your instrument case every Friday just with the hope that it will call and let you know that it's ok.
481. When you wear your band shoes to homecoming.
482. When you hope every year that a band person gets on the court for homecoming.
483. When you protest that it was rigged when they don't.
484. When your mom is practically dedicated to band, but yet so is your life.
485. When on your Buddy List band has its own category.
486. When you can refer to yourself as an oompah loompah in your uniform. (we do the dance!)
487. When you can imagine what your directors kids will look like and what they will play.
488. When you can actually understand Mrs. Crocco
489. When the band has its own chat room.
490. When you find yourself constantly repeating Mr. Lerner. (die!)
491. When everyone in band starts looking alike.
492. When you have spent time actually trying to figure out what P.I.T. means.
493. When you carry a metronome so that you can practice staying in step.
494. When Mr. Lerner knows more about your homework than you do. (he doesn't give a crap)
495. When everyone in the band knows your underwear drawer just as well as you. o___x)
496. When your band pants are the most comfortable thing you have to wear.
497. When the list gets so long that you are forced to put an end to it b/c you are running out of paper.
498. When you buy clothes just cause they look like parts of your uniform.
499. When you begin to have conversations with your instrument and people around you can actually join in.
500. Then when you can proudly say that you made it to 500 so that you can put an end to this list!

179 out of 500? BWAHAHA!!!
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