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phoenixnaito (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2005 at 3:17pm
I have been working all day, on a break, will continue in a matter of minutes. It's really hot, I'm shaking, can't eat anything, and I had HUGE spiders crawing up my garage walls. It was awesome!
And I had to clean off a few looked as though I were going into a biohazard area. (It practically was)

Anyway, back outside to further injure myself.
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07-29-05 6:50pm

Why can't you eat anything? =( You should eat something, so you don't get sick.. =[

Don't injure yourself further <.<; Or I'll stalk you!

*hugs* <3

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Re:, 07-29-05 9:40pm

<.< >.> Who's behind me!? <3

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