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xxthacuteonexx (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2005 at 4:47pm
MoPaRcHarGer450: you are the king of the world!!!

MoPaRcHarGer450: jenny take some fuckin aderal
zXx ThE OnE xXz: a.d.d. so bad sry

MoPaRcHarGer450: we can be birdman buddies!!!!

MoPaRcHarGer450: the niceness is suposed to make up for the uglyness so u dont go blind

MoPaRcHarGer450: snoop dogggyyy dooooooouuuuooogggggg

MoPaRcHarGer450: jenny what would u do if u gained like 100 pounds uncontrolably
zxxtheonexxz: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahah
zxxtheonexxz: lose it and if i couldnt id kill myself

MoPaRcHarGer450: in certain african tribes the most attractive woman is the fattest
zxxtheonexxz says: haha

MoPaRcHarGer450: yo jenny ur a blood now
MoPaRcHarGer450: besicly

MoPaRcHarGer450: greet the mother

MoPaRcHarGer450: fuck yes
MoPaRcHarGer450: mail the hamster

MoPaRcHarGer450: big pimpin

MoPaRcHarGer450 (6:16:43 AM): it wouldnt even smell like fish black people cant afford fish

MoPaRcHarGer450 (6:15:30 AM): i was like wassup ladies what you doin tonight

MoPaRcHarGer450: OMFG
MoPaRcHarGer450: <3

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