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CallistoMoon (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2005 at 3:26pm
Current mood: sick
Music: DJ Tiesto ~ Just Be
Subject: Meep.
Yea . .so no one reads this anymore. Oh well . . . wont stop me from posting in it.

Marching Band = death x2 and what?! We have to run?!?!?!?!?!?! Wtf. This is messed up. At least the instructors are funny. . . .and the music is the shit. I love it. Cant wait til we get the rest.

Anyway. . . . .I was lying. Will and Wade suck. Alot. Hate them oodles.


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08-02-05 11:50pm


"This one time at band camp..."
'Nuff said.


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08-04-05 9:43pm

Yes the marching band music IS the shit. And so are the BRASS(cause you know we kick ass)yeah, Mr.Bakers halarious, Mr.Wahols(waffles)is kinda w/e...see you Monday at 8AM...yess 40+hours of band camp next week. GET EXCITED!!! HAHA
Much <3,

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08-10-05 9:59pm

Suck it up Keels.

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