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fallenfaces (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2005 at 4:42pm
Music: Death Cab for Cutie - Lightness
I was reading my old journal and there was part of an entry I liked..

"I described the moments I think are most important. I said something along the lines of.. The moments people forget are the ones that last seconds but seem like hours when you look back on them. The times when everything seems right, and you can't stop smiling. The times you don't even know what you're feeling, you just know it's good. The moments that you don't want to stop. The feeling you get, that you wish could last a life time, but goes away in minutes. The way you want to feel all the time.

I said so much more, I can't remember the words.

And Lisa answered with, "You just described so many times for me."

And I said, "And the next day everyone forgot, didn't they?"

She nodded.

I also remember getting to the end of Lisa's driveway, before we started down the road. I felt dead. I was walking, and part of the driveway dissapeared. Like Kate said, "There's a part of your driveway where I can't see anything." I felt dead. I wasn't thinking about anything, there was nothing on my mind, and as soon as I realized that, it went away. And the thoughts appeared.

I remember climbing into bed around 4:30 am, after my shower. Kate was sleeping. Lisa was laying on the wooden floor in the corner, sleeping. Benton Falls was playing. The computer glow was lighting their faces so I turned it off."
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08-02-05 9:41pm

I remember that night. I miss those nights.

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