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midnightdelight (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2005 at 9:28pm
Drinking beer in the hot sun
I fought the law and I won
The law dont mean shit if youve got the right friendsThats how the countrys run

just got home from the beach. umm...amazing. friday...we went to my bass thing...saw arty ♥ this is him
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then...we drive down to the beach. saturday night we met kenny and tyler.
this is kenny. my "sponsered by vans, cute and funny as shit, tight-pant wearing" love
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this is tyler. my "alcoholic, looks like he's 25, wants to fuck me on the pavement but adorable, punk" love. plus a girlfriend named kelsey.
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we bummed cigarettes off of them. then saturday we got drunk with them and met paul and brian who we smoked weed with. they were cool as shit. after that, we spent every night wandering the beach at like 2 am. and jes and i went shopping. aw i love her. [ there is no possible way i can describe how exciting and fun my week was ]

but now im home.

A holiday in Cambodia
Where the slum's got so much soul
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