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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2005 at 4:32am
Subject: Double sided breast tape...
Hello...Mr. Journal.
Blahity. blahity. blahity.
Still working at Wendy's. I seem to be running into a lot of people I haven't seen in some time. They all seem to come up to me and go "You workin'. Oh, yeah, where?" That's where I interject and sigh, a yes, and a Wendy's. Then I light up and cigarette and stomp out whatever authority or dignity I was holding during that conversation.

Oh, and the ladies. Ha. mofucka's. I've never had some much success and so much pathetic loss. In, well, probably since the last time I put some effort in this shit. Heh. I remember back in the day when I'd try to figure this whole thing out. But, I'm down right stumped.
Me: "You have a boyfriend."
Bystandard: "Well"...pause as she sucks in a deep breath, and I slap myself in the face waiting for the inevitable life story, "he pisses me off. blah. blah. We broke up. blah. blah. He doesn't ever (insert adjective here that has either to do with shallow displays of affection or overall acknowledgement). I still love him, want to marry him, will you just fuck me to make him jealous.
Me: So, I was kinda lookin' to go have some pizza or a movie. You know, since this is kinda like the first time I've ever talked to you.

bleh. whatever. smoke some stoogers and bang my head on the wall.
fuckity fuck fucker fuckmook.
Saw Ms. K at the pondscum-atorium. She's got a ball and chain. I don't know why she still talks to me. I'm not going to try.
Let's see how things go within a couple months. I'm hopeful.

Well, the hay has a restraining order on you, so try the sheets...for hitting. g'night or morning. Hello. goodbye...
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08-15-05 4:20pm

not going to try what?

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Re:, 08-17-05 9:17am

...why you still talk to me. I know why. I'm an ass.

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Re: Re:, 08-17-05 4:52pm

you're not an ass.. would you rather I not talk to you?

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