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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2005 at 10:03am
Current mood: tired
Music: bugs in the backyard
Subject: busy bee
So the last I talked about was the Allen , Jay , Karlene trip huh? Well, its been jam packed since then. The block party was crazy. Cops were called twice and everything. Everyone got to the point that they were so trashed that it just wasnt cool anymore so Sean and I went to sleep. Thennn. Work Work Work. Lisa and I had a sleep over which was well needed seeing how we are both leaving and shes one of the ones Ill miss the most. We ate ben and jerrys all night and just talked. It was good. I babysat my neighbor at 5 in the morning on thursday morning. Then I worked 230 til 7 and then I finished packing and left for Binghamton that night. We woke up Friday morning at my uncles house and got on the road to Boston. We drove right by my college. So 6 hours later we make it to our Hilton hotel and go to the Drum Corp. Semi-Finals. I was starving the whole time. They arent much food eaters my Uncle and Aunt. So the next day we go out shopping and I got a lot of clothes. TheN dinner. Then Finals which were soooo muggy it was crazy. To make a long weekend short....we came home Sunday morning and didnt get home til 6pm.

My dad fixed my car up while I was gone. $600 of my own money. But it runs great now and is all ready to travel with me to college.

Now that Im home I have to pack up my clothes and anything from my room I want. I have to go to the bank and get a checking account and debit card. I have to say goodbye to everyone. I have to wash and clean out my car. And check on my loan and make sure its processes.

Once I get to college I decided that Im switching over to Live Journal because thats where all my friends are. I guess Im going from one memory to another.

Well Im 2 days away and I have nothing done so I should go.

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08-16-05 11:21am

don't leave me :( ilooveeeeyouuuu too much

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Re:, 08-16-05 10:49pm

Youll be up with me in January so you dont worry! I love you to death!

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