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strawberrie (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2005 at 6:36pm
Current mood: depressed
Subject: I love you Grandma!

Do u ever have one of those night when ur scared and u cant sleep and u know something back is going to happen like a feeling but deeper cause thats how i felt last night the night before my grandmother passed.... wow it's scary

my aunt is a stupid low life bitch who is gunna have something coming for her i hate her!

and u know what sucks the most besides the last grandmother i had passing is that i have to walk around and act like everything is ok i smile n go out n i actually picked a fight with my mom so i could go to school today even tho i didnt go i have nothing right now n it sucks u know i was the only one my grandmother wanted to see the only one she was nice to when someone came to see her the only one she told her secret to the one she always asked about n called n sent things to on important days and now shes gone but im gunna go lay down n shit cause this is to much i just wanted to dully note that

I love you Grandama! n i miss u so much words cant tell...
rest in peace
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08-16-05 2:58pm

heyy babydoll. im sorry you're going through the loss of your grandmother, but you KNOW or should know im here for you through it all. I know what you're going through and i know its not easy and nothing i say will make the pain go away, but know that im sharing your pain, im going to experience it with you and im going to do everything in my power to get your mind off of it and let you know people love you.

heather, i know this isn't an easy thing to deal with believe me i do, but im here for you. call me / email me / IM me / write me anytime, im here for you and i want to help you get through this as best i can, just know that she is in a better place and being taken care of, and who knows, maybe your grandma and my mommy are together right now. and always know she's watching over you.

i love you, please get back to me and let me know how you are.


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