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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 8-20-2005 at 8:59pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: powder. (brilliant!)
Subject: stufg. and even more about me.
gonna be a short entry i think for today- i dont see why not as nobody else seems to updating either. Rach came over today and we ended up watching coyote ugly, yeah ok, i know that tis utltimate CHEESE but there is an extremely attractive woman that dances on the bar- phwoorrr!! ok, the pervy me has now going into recess. nothing much has happened. Mark (sisters brother in law (32)) asked me to marry him (yuk) and said how fit mira was (she also said yuk) and had his head in my lap (it was covered by clothing, blanket and pillow.) after me, mira and my sister came home from skinny dipping (we didnt run in naked, we stipped once covered by the murky waters) i've never skinny dipped before and it was rather liberating, every thing floats. i was checked out by girl in norwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this of course has made me happy. also has my hair cut (pitch black, fringe, red tips. trust me, looks good or sexy depending who tells me.) also things that have made me happy is that i;'ve been told by 5 different people this week that they think i have a nice singing voice and by one person that my writing was good. this has made me SOOOOOO happy. but also things have made me sad. nothing in particular, i just over analyse things, worry to much and get sad at pretty much anything. any way, next entry i am planning to talk about me some more (its ok coz its MY journal so naah!!!) only im gonna talk about my past coz you guys dont really know of me before this journal do you? its only an idea any way so if there are any obgections- comment. or you can comment anyway. please do. i need proof that there are others out there that exist.
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08-20-05 4:20pm

sorry guys. maybe it wasnt that short.

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