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xllfadeawayllx (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2005 at 8:13pm
Current mood: cranky
Music: how to deal..mmm Frankie J..yummi!!!
Subject: you know what..
if i have a fucking ash tray next to me..why would i ash my cigg on the floor!?!?!?! mom walked in the room and yelled at me bc she "SAW" me ash on the i didnt im not a fucking RETARD!!!!

..n e ways..on a HAPPY-ER note..i went to weight watchers tonight and i lost another 4 lbs!!!!..thats a total of 18 this i think i will loose at least 20 lbs b4 i go back to school..but untill school starts ima pump it up..and work extra hard!.. and my boyfriend are in weight watchers together..but hes not helping me much..hes not the support that i thought i was going to have..we were just friends when we started this together..and he was better about helping me and i seem to be better helping him now..i dont even know if im making sence its kinda pissing me off..i just want him to walk with me or somthing simple like that and it turns into a getting kinda sick of it..

..i took my vacation hours next week so im not working at all..carlos(BF) said somthing about how we should go to the beach..Ocean City..but im thinking about the money thing..i basicly support myself and i dont think i would have enough extra to do that with..but that would be kinda cool..going away together for the weekend...we just became a couple so that would be cute..see..weve been friends for about 5 months..i met him at his brothers birthday party...and i was interested in him from the beginning but he was just as best friend (bianca) is basicly his sister-in-law..and everytime i had an issue with one of my ex's she would always say.."you have to meet guyz would be so perfict for each other"..well i guess we'll see if she was right huh? think she is..

hmm..i washed my car today..i felt very and my mom washed our cars together..god i havent spent time with my mom in forever..and that not a bad it was fun..we only had about 2 fights..

well i have to be at work at the butt crack of dawn so ima go wash my work clothes...and get to sleep..:)

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