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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2005 at 10:12pm
Current mood: nervous
Well, tomorrow I move into my dorm at MSU. I'm somewhat torn between being excited and happy, and being worried and sad. I am definitely looking forward to college and dorm life, not to mention all the people I'm likely to meet. On the other hand though, I'm really going to miss everyone here...

...Even more than I thought I would, I realized yesterday. I suppose I'll still keep in touch with everyone through the wonders of the web (provided you people choose to keep updating and using MSN/AIM), and I'll still be home every now and then.

Hmm, and I think I should probably end this bloody entry before I start getting really sappy, so farewell and va con dios mis amigos.
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08-23-05 11:56pm

Good luck!!! Have fun!!!! And you better keep in touch. :D

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08-24-05 2:43pm

Goodbye dear Brett. Have fun at MSU!

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08-26-05 12:39pm

you met hot BLONDE! chick!!!!!!!!!!


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