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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 8-24-2005 at 8:52pm
Current mood: relieved
Music: eric clapton-layla
Subject: woo!!!
soooo i'm done working at the kpool for the rest of the summer. you have no idea how happy that makes me. i seriously spent so much time there that i thought i would go crazy soon.

it's always sad saying goodbye to everyone at the pool, though. it's weird because this is only my second year being one of the people who leaves everyone. before that, i was one of the people saying goodbye to the "big kids". that's one thing i noticed about the dynamic of the pool this summer. i feel like an old person every time i walk in there and see five freshmen who i've never seen before. the kpool has become like a second home since i've started working there. not necessarily a home because i like it....i don't usually like being there....but at least i'm comfortable in my surroundings there.

i'll probably end up working there for another summer or two. it's the perfect job when i include the swimming situation...not many other places would be willing to work around my training and coaching schedule.

so, everyone's leaving for school again. it's so weird that the next couple of years are basically full of saying goodbye and reuniting. first, i said goodbye to my best friends last year, then met a ton of people i didn't know. by the time i was totally comfortable around them, it was time to say goodbye again and reunite with my old friends. now we're separating again, and i'm reuniting with the school people. what a weird cycle. i guess it's good because i never get bored.

i leave for school on saturday. i am soooo excited but soooo not ready. i pretty much haven't packed anything, and my room looks like a clothes bomb exploded in it. tomorrow and friday are basically going to be hardcore cleaning nazi days.

there's this guy who i think likes me, but i really can't see it going past the friendship phase. we've known each other for a long time, but the thought of taking the next step weirds me out like no other. plus i have too many other guys bowing at my feet. haha.

i never thought i would hear myself say this, but i can't wait to get started on some hardcore training again. i mean, i've trained all summer, but not very seriously because i have so little time, so going back to school is going to be a good thing. i loved being in the best shape of my life all last winter, and no matter how sore i am after a workout, nothing can beat that on top of the world feeling that i get when i finish one.

anyways, i just got home from work and i'm starving, so i'm gonna go.

:) sam
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yay!, 08-24-05 11:39pm

i am ever so happy you are coming back! cant wait. call me when you get here, we have to do something fun! for sure!
see ya

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