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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2005 at 3:53pm
Last night was literally the best night I've ever had. I got drenched by holy spit, courtesy of Matt Toka, and I SHOOK RYAN HARRIS' hand, and I got DRENCHED AGAIN BY MATT TOKA'S SWEAT. And I HUGGED JASON LEVIS! I hugged Dave Saltzman and Frankie, too! FRANKIE IS SO HOT. lmfao .:fan girl squee:.

Like, we went and Brittany saw this kid named Steve but we werent sure if it was him and we got in there and he was sitting behind the Merchandise table, and we went up and bought shirts and we started talking and she's like "Is Your name Steve?" and he's like 'Yeah!' so I guess she knew him from Miller, and he's pretty FUCKING awesome. Not to mention cute.

So we got chairs and hung out with him at the Merc table the entire time before Cherry came on, and then Ryan walked out the door right behind us and I started freaking out and Steve is like 'Wow, do you like him or something?' and I was like "HE'S ONLY A GOD!" and so he introduced us to Ryan because he's friends with the entire band! It was awesome! We shook his hand and he's like "Well, I'll talk to you guys after the show!" He was so nice.

Then we put the chairs back and waited for Cherry Monroe to come out, and Jason got on stage and I just started SCREAMING, then everyone else started screaming and I was like "JASON!" and he didn't hear me. I was sad ): Then I seen Matt walk out and I was like "OMGOMGOMGOMGOISJFSJDFHKSDFHKSDF SPAZZZZZZZ" and it was AWESOME. He just jumped up there and started singing Bandages.

Then Steve appeared next to me and I grabbed his arm and he did a jig and then we jumped around alot and sung and then MATT STRIPPED!! It was SO HOT. Then he poured water on himself like it was a porn movie and all the girls started screaming. Oh hell yeah, I screamed too.

Then Frankie stripped and I was like 'HOLY HELL HOTNESS' and poor Dave, he wasn't getting any attention so I started saying "DAVE, I LOVE YOU!" and then I said something like that to Ryan and Frankie and it was awesome.

And then Steven disappeared and reappeared like after two more songs and we did another jig and then they played Satellites and even though I hate that song, it was the best of the night because everyone was singing and jumping and shit.

Then afterwards we met everyone and got drenched in MATT TOKA'S sweat, it was gross but AWESOME. Holy sweat, man. Then we got our shirts signed and Steve is like 'You guys owe me hugs!' so I gave him a hug and so did Britt and we ran away, BUT ALL IN ALL, it was awesome.

I almost cried when I took a shower this morning because I didn't want to wipe the sweat off Matt Toka off. Its SO gross, but I'm serious. I mean, obviously I wanted to shower, but I didn't want to wash off the Matt essance.
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