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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2005 at 6:54pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Darkest Hour - How The Beautiful Decay
Subject: Ruined:
The day started out all right. And then promptly withered into shit.
So I wrote this.
"Windows Waving Goodbye"
Sitting here and all I hear are complaints
Resting here and all I find unravels
Before my eyes the world is slowly turning its back on me

And I was in such a good mood
But now that mood is shattered to ruin
By the fruitless trees that sap all the energy
What do I do?
Do I comply and further my demise
Or just simply run away?

How unearthly
How horrible it is
To feel it all slip away
It's so nauseating
In the pit of my stomach and sinking deeper
Is this...
Is this how the beauty of life fades away?

Sitting here staring out
Out at what?
And where?
This tiny island of my thoughts
I'm watching the rest of the world blur
Slowly drifting into the distance

And the windows are waving goodbye

Is this how it all comes to an end?
How the threads of life choose to decay?

And I was feeling fine just moments ago
But now those feelings have dropped off the map
Taken by those whom push foward in attempt to hold me back
What can I do?
I will not comply
I can't run away
Am I simply stuck here between point A and B?
If I could find C I'd surely go
Is this how the story comes to close?

How I wish I could wash all the pain away
Stranded here and not even the light of the setting sun
is shining my way...
And I'm still standing
Staring into the distance
A tiny glimmer on the line of the horizon

The windows are waving goodbye.

Currently; sitting in my room; which is 82 degrees. Head hurts. Plagued by frustration.

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Yo Wolfy., 08-28-05 7:44pm

I liked the poem... I read the two on Deviantart you mentioned in the other entry. I wish that I could write like you. ^_^

Ah hell, I wish a lot of things. ._.

Anyways... Hope that was just that day, and now you're happier. Much love.

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