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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2005 at 6:35pm
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: ... randomness
Why can't anyone but me seem to be able to read my font! It's perfectly fine. grrr, this was never brought up before. I think you're computers are funny. And liz, in case you don't remember I can't change anything on my journal on this computer. So no I can't change my font, fuck you. grrrrrrrrr... Last time I used your computer to change it! If I felt truely motivaed maybe I would use my father's or see if i can crack the code on my brothers, but I don't. I like sitting at my computer and doing things. And it pisses me off that woohu won't let me change sign in on the 'puter. Andy wasn't much help when i emailed him either, he said to make sure the password was right, of course it's right I CAN POST! Whatever.
I want my stuff from MyMy, I'm super impatient. and it doesn't help that she has an order trakcing list up becuase i jsut check it compusively. Bad mind! And there's no way she had sent my order on the 24th (the last send date) because my stuff probably didn't even get there til the 25th... maybe something in ym order isn't there yet. She did start a new job. i should learn to be patient. Of course I've been saying for years I should eat healthier and I don't do that either. Argh, I really really really want that stuff.
Oh and my posting of finished crafts is not happening for a while. because I don't have access to a digital camera or a scanner, or for that matter a picture phone. So the lovely crafts I'm doing, and they are lovely, will just have to go without any love from the crafting world. And I'm not keeping most of them. There's the stuff I'm making for the swap, the book I recovered I'm giving to Julianna and then the book I'm going to make for Beth and me to use. *pout* I wonder if any of my friends (still living around here) would be kind enough to lend any of that equipment to me... for like a month.
Sharpie irrates me. I should go craft, my back hurts.
It's dark...
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08-28-05 11:51pm

I could always read your font on my computer...don't know why I can't now. If there's ever anything you want to change, though, you can tell me over the phone or something (don't forget that you can call me!) and I'll change it for you.

And even if you don't want me to do something for you, you should call me. It's nice to hear from people at home that I'm NOT related to (my family is stalking me via the internet and my cell phone).

If you take pictures of stuff, btw, and don't mind waiting, I can scan them in in November...or maybe you'll find a better way, who knows.

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