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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2005 at 9:00pm
Current mood: Tired
Subject: School is tomorrow
After a summer of fun it is back to school... Oh well... It was a great summer... Just seemed like it went by too fast...

Well I will be done with all my work by 10 tonight and then I am going to sleep and going to school... Wish me luck...

Final Summer Overall Mile Count is 200.5 miles!!

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08-29-05 12:54am

Yes, yes, summer was fun.

Although that one little "fight" between us wasn't very fun.

I haven't seen your ass in forever you fucker!

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow. Who knows? We could have Honors Pre-cal, Honors English, AP Chem, Lunch or French 2 together <333

If I have NO classes whatsoever with you, I will go on a rampage!

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12-04-06 10:48pm

Well, Jake, you haven't posted any entries in over a year!

When will you start writing again? We all miss your entries.

Hey, it could expand that vocabulary of yours, you know.

I'll catch you at another time. See you.

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