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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2005 at 10:13pm
Current mood: procrastinatey
Music: purple stain ahhhhewww
Subject: i almost died of awesome
just read that phrase online and its my favorite (no reason i used it)

last night i was in front of a mirror somewhere and several chunks of hair came out of my scalp. pretty big ones. and i started getting worried and then i saw a japanese label on them and reazlied they were hair extensions (that you stick to your scalp?) that i bought in japantown. ohhh yeah i just realized i forgot to write "in my dream" at the beginning of this. hahahaha sorry.

also i found out today that you can get pe credit for going to a gym and having the person at the desk sign something that they "supervised you" and that is awesome. and then i saw that email about the dance stuff during g block which is my free after this trimester. AWESOMER. i just have to get some other person to do that with me who is not a pro dancer.

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09-28-05 5:40pm

Hey -- we don't know each other or anything so I hope this doesn't weird you out. But be my friend?

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