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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2005 at 12:31am
Current mood: confused
Subject: .WhowereyouwhenyouwerE.
Who was I when I wasn't what one would be worth when who had. /what I was\?

It's taking one-through-four-and-ever to get this damnedable kunstruckshun done. I am both one and two, one being happy for the money, and two back in the states. Only for a littlewhittlewhile. Don't get me /get me?/ wrong, the money is fab and I truly feel like I can spare random change here and there {yeswedonatedtoKatrina,yespleasestopasking} but /hu/manatee is not the same.

Sometimes I think I forget who I thinkIforgotIwas. I didn't want to be the man in charge of this business, I didn't want to be the only heir to grandmam's line of work, I didn't want the smog warnings and the gasmasks and the constant smell of wet cement.

But I now wear shorts on nearly. a daily basis. It's tootwotoo hot for much else. Advancement in technology, boys.

Come to Malaysia. We've got healthhazards. Only in Malaysia, we've got healthhazards, come see the healthhazards. Written out of the story, cut out of the picture:.//snip snip.
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