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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2005 at 10:25pm
Music: Don't Panic - Coldplay
Subject: Random
Hm, It has been ages since I have updated on this thing obviously and obviously will not attempt to fill this with the bollocks that has occurred in the past few months. I've been talking to Robert for quite some time now and I really think I am falling for him. I know things are so impossible, he is so far off and it's really not fair. Life is not fair but I could go on about that subject for a long time as could many people. Things are changing quickly around me and within me. I feel like I am becoming more independant and more mature. I got my yearbook today, I love looking back on beautiful memories. I really miss you at school Amber and Ellen! Things are of course no longer the same there. As for Robert again, it's confusing but to a point where it all makes sense. We both know we'd date if things were otherwise, but ALAS they are not. They arent ever different. I suppose why life is such a big compromise.

Joe sent me a letter. Not only was it horribly grammatically incorrect and it just really did not rub me the right way. I am not pissy about it, he just practically BEGGED me to be with him again. I don't want that. ever. not again. It's over and I'm over him. I enjoy being my own person right now. For the moment that is. Oy.

I fear for the people in the south. Katrina just got over and now another hurricane, Rita is on its way. It's so scary. I think we are seeing the last stages of our country. Maybe someone will shoot Bush.

Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose.
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