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sendmemoney (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2005 at 12:19am
Music: incubus - beware! criminal

okay that's it breathe in deep now hold it hold it that's it hold
them back don't let them fall exhale release it slowly that's it feel
it ? you have control don't cry don't cry you can read it all you
want the words don't offer any more meaning than they did the last
four times although now you have them memorized and just keep thinking about it STOP
it makes no difference to think about it you knew it you laughed at
this outside the 7-11 without so much as a sideways glance ..
relax , finish the joint and repeat it again and a million different
things you could reply but no no no no no nononono
you're not going to do it no matter what

pause and look over your shoulder to the screen
nothing yet.....

go inside and get it all out sit down and enjoy the show .
forgetaboutit there's nothing to think about anymore !
don't answer it don't answer it don't answer it

that is ..
if it even rings.

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