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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 10-1-2005 at 12:13am
Current mood: indifferent
Music: (woke up with this in my head) the pixies- here comes your man
Subject: meh
just to quickly add to the list of ridiculous things my mom has yelled at me for-
i couldnt go to the columbia meeting at school on friday, it turned out it was exactly the time when i had to give a presentation to my english class, all class long. and i picked that presentation date a month ago. and i swear they didnt have times up for the meetings then. so yeah, as if i wasnt pissed enough, then my mom yelled at me for it. and after aids meals i was worried about coming home but then she apologized, and i should forgive her cuz her dad is gonna die any day and she worries about that too now.

the godfather keeps being on tv and i really need to have my godfather party. cept that on monday my mom and i are driving down to stanford and im hopefully gonna stay with margaux and follow her around to some classes. yay, one college down, a lot to go. (also this shouldnt even count since i wont get in... i need to see the UCs and stuff).

last night my dream was sort of narsty (not nasty, just narsty). there were 2 cats at my house (maybe my cat... times 2) and there was a dead cat in my backyard and they started eating it. and i was like ehhh, they probably shouldnt do that, but then again i didnt think there was any way for me to stop them. it was creepy so i went back inside, and then my dream probably just switched to something else.

gotta prep for that sat.
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10-01-05 5:45pm

Your mom really gets in your face far too much about college, it seems. You wouldn't believe the number of kids that take shit from their parents about how they're not good enough to get into so and so college or how their life will be ruined if they don't get into so and so college and most often, said parents are totally and completely wrong. So you just go and prove her wrong, and try not to stress too much about it, okay? It's your life, not hers, and the decisions should be yours, not hers.

What's wrong with your dad? I'm sorry to hear about that.

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