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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2005 at 6:12pm
Music: 30 Seconds To Mars - Beautiful Lie
Subject: Cleansing.
I just spent a good four/five hours cleaning my room today. Listening to a nine song mix of 30 Seconds To Mars. Damn. I havn't listened to them much before, but the songs I have... just wow. Lovely. I still got more to do. Things to place around. Thinkin' 'bout puttin' some pictures up. Ect, ect... Bleh. Oh well. At least it'll be all clean. ^_^
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10-02-05 11:28pm

Hmhm... I'm commenting this entry, but it's really about the last one. Sleep is nice. Sleeping with someone close to you, in your arms or in theirs, makes heavan believable. I don't understand Ash... She confuses me as much as she does you. Maybe it's because I'm clingy. I've always been that way... It's not a good thing, because clingyness is considered very bad, unless you're both clingy.

I just like spending time with people. If you're my significant other, I'd dedicate time to you with no problem. I've always figured that there is always a way to make time.

I also keep to my word. I hate getting my hopes up, and then being punched in the heart when the person lets me down. So I try to never do it to people.

If you ever want to cuddle up, you know where to find me.

Or at least, you know where to find my mail box.


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