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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2005 at 8:04pm
Music: Your mum singin' in the shower!
Subject: Woosh I'm an airplannnee!!
So it started out going to be a nice poem,
but then I got to amused by thoughts in my head,
so it went off track a bit... XD

If you break apart on me now,
I'll do my best to help you back together...
If you die on me now,
I'll trade my life to make yours better...
If you fall away from me now,
I'll take the leap seconds later...
If you give up on me now,
I'll be there to make sure you stand again...

Don't let yourself be destroyed by all the meaningless shit;
if you start to drown, I'll pull you to shore.

(At least I'm happy thinking so...)

And if you start to stray from the path,
I'll be there walking it with you.
I'll make sure we go the right way,
or at least we'llget lost together;
and then you can blame me because I ate the map... ;D

Life is shit, lets have a beer,
sing a song and pwn some face.
I'll kick my own ass if you'll smile.

I want to make you happy.

(So damnit, if I have to get uber god damn
plastered and wrap myself in toilet paper
like a fucking mummy; spray paint "I'm a
cunt!" on my chest and try to hide myself
in a garbage can thinking it's a coffin,
then damnit, I'll do it.)


Ok, so I'm a bit fucked in the head.
You're a real good friend, I consider.
So I'll do my damn best.
To not mess up anything in your chest.
So we'll pull my heart out instead and
scribble on it with pens.

And if only because I can;
I love you. <3

(Boy, gee golly gosh do I feel like a moron.)
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10-06-05 10:43am

I'm absolutely in love with it. Even if it veered off into humor so suddeny.

*Saves it to a random text file, to read again at later dates.*

Wolfy, you've got skillz.

Luff <3

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