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rebma231 (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2005 at 2:13pm
Music: Trainspotting soundtrack
I haven’t posted in whiles have I? Well I thought I’d end that and post as often as possible, I have a computer class everyday now so it should all end up kosher. I have a brand new list of my favorite actors; not a lot of them are mainstream, which is a bit odd because I watch mainly mainstream films….

My Favorite Actors
1. Dexter Fletcher
2. Rick Gomez
3. Sam Rockwell
4. Edward Norton
5. Shane Taylor

Yeah there’s only five… damn I thought there’d at least be ten.

Well since I last updated I went to our ‘homecoming’ school dance, everyone was dressed elegantly and I simply wore my would-be ‘clubbing’ clothes, it was much fun because I was the only one who was comfortable. I didn’t dance ‘slow’ with anyone but I did have a dance-off with my friend Aaron so that really had made my day.

I also had to get up in front of my class and sing a song (I’m horrible at singing) well…it wasn’t much of a song more of a lame rap about friendship and our constitution I could’ve died right there and been happy to get out of that embarrassing situation.

I am currently going to purchase three things, they are all I want for Christmas which is more like it, besides the WWII stuff that’s for Halloween.

1. German officers Peaked Hat
2. WWII medic helmet/outfit
3. Band of Brothers DVD’s

The cost for all of those is an estimated 200.00 which is completely out of my price range, but who knows dreams come true…right?

sorry it's so short, even though lots of things have happened. But oh well I suppose. at least it's an update.

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