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lynds4090 (profile) wrote,
on 10-16-2005 at 12:54am
wow... i'm really stupid. why was out searching for someothing new? i dind't need it. i was just trying to fill a gap. i can live w/o seeing him everyday. i know we still feel the same. honestly today... wow one of the best days in along long time. it was simple and short. it was like anyother day. i loved how it doesn't have to be blown out of proporation... wow. i just wish we could see each other more often, but i know it is mostly because of me. i accept that.. i have to. in a way maybe ishouldn't of saw him today... it will be like we are starting from scratch agian.. having to say good bye agian... not knowing exactly when we will see each other. i'll live. i'll manage. i must. so yeah. i guess you can look at this as a good or a bad thing... i'll decide later.
made 47 bucks tonight doing absoultly nothing.. oh wait i painted my nails :)... gotta love babysitting.
parents coming home tomorrow.. we'll see how i can manage until when the go to flordia.. i just have to keep my distance. it is what i keep telling myself. if we don't talk we can't have an argument right? lol. j/k.. i'll talk to my mom.. just about pointless and stupd stuff.
going to bed night!!!!!
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