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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 10-16-2005 at 12:54am
Music: Gold Digger- K. West
Subject: *WeEkEnD*
This weekend has been so much fun. I hung out with AshMeg and Lisa. Friday: Me and Jordan went to my house and we both got ready for whatever we were doing, then Jord brought me to Ashley's then Lisa came and picked us up and we all went to the game in Sparta. Then Lisa brought me and Ashley back to Ashley's, while she hung out with Chris. She didn't get back to Ashley's until like 2 in the morning so me and Ash were sleeping lol. Then Saturday morning all 3 of us went to Big Boy for breakfast. After that Lisa brought me home and i got ready for The Haunt. A bunch of people went. Kourtney and Justin, Megan and Luke, Emily, Brittney, ETC. I was suppose to to meet Brianna there too, but when i finally found her everyone was yelling at her for cutting. It was friggen one person but whatever lol. (Sorry Brie). Then the whole group went to the Corner Bar and ate, then after that Megan brought me and Ash back to the car pool so that Lisa could drive us home, but Lisa has a game today so she went home. And today: Me and Ash are just gunna watch movies and eat all this food her mom just bought lol. So yeah this weekend was so much fun. Its kinda nice to hang out with everyone that i did, sense i don't really hang out with different people that much, I'm usually just with Jordan (*Not Saying That I Don't Love You Jordan*). I was suposta see her(Jord) at the Haunt but they decided not to go. So yeah that was my lovely weekend. I have so much fun with Ashley. Shes so funny.


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10-16-05 7:27pm

Heck yes I'm funny!!

"Omg I forgot to buckle my belt. It's been unbuckled since the last time I went to the bathroom which was like 10 days ago lol"

Anyways yeah it was fun!!

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Re:, 10-17-05 4:38pm

No prob bob.

Did you get my other post about this weekend?

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Totally., 10-17-05 5:04pm

Yeah Lets Do It Up!!!!!

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10-17-05 5:26pm

I miss you... and you just left :(

We're such good friends...

BeSt FrIeNdS... And I love you!

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