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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2005 at 2:18pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: Seether
Subject: Incomming Bitch Fest !
ok, all I have to say is WTF. I was looking through some news forums this morning and found this one that was labled UNICEF teaches children about bombins and terrorism. So I opened it up and to my surprize the video showed kids with out legs and limbs etc. Everything was fine blah blah until about 40 seconds into the video the smurf theme song comes on and you can hear them singing, (keep in mind its in towl head tongue) soon enough bombs come flying down from the air and blow the hell out of everything and it depicts the smurfs bloodly and crying etc. It was fall by the most fucked up thing I have seen in a long time. They are actually showing children this video to teach them about bombings? are they fucking insane ? Smurfs ! happy people ! getting blown up ... yea thats great UNICEF, you guys rock !

Fuck You UNICEF and your Orange Donation Box Too !

won't post the article but if you want to see if IM me

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10-17-05 3:34pm

i say let the little bastards watch it. it's about time the world quits turning their kids into pussies. lets them look at porn,swear,smoke,chew,drink,lick a hookers ass whatever. let them watch the video no matter how fucked up it is. but the more fucked up the better it will get through to the damn brats.


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Re:, 10-17-05 7:40pm

i definately agree. kunta, are you a pussy bitch? to me, it sounds like you're a huge pussy bitch. i agree with anonymous #1, its about time they start showing videos of hooker ass-licking, etc. so these kids know what the real worlds all about. enough of the "sugar-coating" everything for the youth bullshit. fuck the smurfs, and fuck you too pussy. bp.

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