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breezeyluvsu (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2005 at 4:39pm
Current mood: happy
Subject: Love is a b-e-a-utiful thing!!!
I was cleaning out my room today, and I found a letter that i wrote to dan over a year ago. It confesses everything. I remember writing it. I was sitting in my yard, he had just left. It was an oc night i think. Im not sure. But i remember the feelings that I had when i was writing them. I was so close to giving it to him then and there, but for some reason, it didnt feel right. I knew he was currently with someone else, and I would have done anything for the kid. The LAST thing i wanted to do was ruin a relationship that seemed to make him so happy. Like a week later they werent together. I cant remember who it was, but it was done. I was going to give it to him then...

But I didn't.

I got scared. I was scared to ruin a friendship that was worth more than my feelings. Especially if they werent mutual. I found out that they were, but I was in no condition to chance the only thing that meant something in my life.

I truly can not picture me without him.I don't know what I would do. I don't know what. What. He knows me so well.When I think deeply like this, I realize, this is only the beginning of something wonderful. The day i met him, I knew i was interested but at the time I couldnt do anything to change our friendship..
We've helped each other through so much bullshit, so and so hurt me, so and so hurt him, and we delt with it. We were there for each other like best friends are. We had fun together. We shared secrets together. He's cried to me, I'v cried to him.
>>> Fate somehow lead us to get to know eachother and the more i got to know him, the more i fell for him and the more I fell for him, the more i wanted to let him know that i was falling more and more for him each day..
Now he's mine. He's my greatest accomplishment. The only thing i'v ever really worked for in my life. I know 20 years from now we'll be together. When he says it, He has a sparkle in his eye that says "hey, I love you".
He tolerates and loves me no matter what and I will always do the same. He's my blessing from above. I'm especially thankful I feel him with me when we're apart and I can feel him in my dreams*


To You: from the moment i saw you, i knew that you would change my life forever. But i never knew that the way you would impact me...would be such a big deal you are all i can think about. The words you say are treasured, and the even the words that you say to others find a way back to me and make an impression. *Your name is forever printed in my heart. No matter what hardship I face, i know that you will always be right there beside me. You will have your arms wide open to catch me when i fall, you will have an extra shoulder for me to have when i need it the most. but most of all, when i reach out to are there. Your charm takes my heart at the sight of you because even the sight of you will make my day go from terrible, to incredible... I cant describe what i feel when I'm with you........all i know that this feeling,
Is the best feeling in the world

I love being in love. *x*o*x*o*
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[Im So Happy For You], 10-17-05 5:03pm

I Wish I Had That....:(

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Re: [Im So Happy For You], 10-17-05 6:04pm

Honestly, I dont know anything about this.
All I know is it came creeping behind me when I LEAST expected it.

Just wait. Don't bend over backwards for love. Let love bend for you .


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10-17-05 8:04pm

you can't remember who it was? Come on Brianna, think about it!?

haha, I'm glad you two are so happy, you really do deserve it!

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Re:, 10-18-05 5:41pm

No no dearest it wasn't you. It was someone from a different school... This was before you.

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10-18-05 2:02am

Your fucking 16 and you plan on being with him forever? crazy bitch

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10-18-05 10:02pm

Must be nice to have a guy that actually cared. I need to get me one of them hahaha. LUCKY! Im happy for you tho- now you just gotta help me find a good guy, unlike the last fag fucker!

Love ya!

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